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2018 Sketchbook Recap

October 8, 2018

Well, I have filled another sketchbook. I started this one back in February when I was driving to Las Vegas with my sisters, mom, aunt and cousin to see the Backstreet Boys show. It has been another good one to look through because I am gradually getting more and more comfortable using traditional media when making art.

I am starting to notice patterns that I used while working digitally, which is really exciting. I feel like that indicates a certain level of comfort with my new tools.

Surprisingly I have found myself really enjoying colored pencils, especially layered over my favorite medium of gouache and watercolors. 

Here are a few drawings I have completed recently that I really enjoy looking at. Some are from my sketchbook.

Pumpkin Heads

This is one of my favorite pages ever. I love working with gouache so much and the exaggerated anatomy on the pumpkin-headed skate girl was really delightful. And the metallic paint I used on the glasses for my goofy self-portrait was pretty satisfying to look at.


Autumn Scene

This scene isn’t anything glorious. In fact, there are a lot of things I really dislike about it. But I chose to highlight it because this is an example of me really pushing myself. A full page illustration in my sketchbook is rare and this one consists of a lot of colors and composition that I am very uncomfortable with. It is not a very good example of perspective or landscape illustration, but it was very fun to draw and I learned a bit from doing it.


Drawing Prompt Pages

A couple years ago, my thoughtful sister-in-law gave me this really cute “300 Drawing Prompts” sketchbook. I have doodled in it a few times, but as a whole, the thing basically intimidated me to death. I would open up to a random page, look at the prompts and shrivel up. SO MANY THINGS I HAD NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED DRAWING. 

But this weekend, during General Conference, I decided I could use the challenge and pulled it out. How entertaining! I can’t wait to do more of these prompts. These were drawn entirely with colored pencils. 


Last Page Pumpkins

I had to include this illustration because it is the very last page in this sketchbook and it made me feel really good to end on a happy note. This one was copic markers with colored pencils which was a combination I hadn’t really experimented much with. 

I know not everybody is interested in the technical information and the details about supplies used. And I hope to not be so focused on that in the future. However, at this time it is a really big part of finding my “new” identity as an artist. I am in a place I never ever imagined I could be and it’s exciting.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my humble blog. 

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