Free Printable Thanksgiving Feast Coloring Page

Guess Who’s Back… Again?

Well, gosh. It feels like it’s been a little too long since I last posted something that can be downloaded and printed, so here I am again. Presenting, comically drawn Thanksgiving feast-things in the form of a PDF coloring page! So, get your crayons, colored pencils, washable markers or whatever tickles your art-tool fancy and get scribblin’. You can even use gravy!

I wish I could say that this super cute idea popped into my head for fun, practical coloring sheet place mats to help keep your kids entertained like the snazzy restaurants do sometimes. I thought about suggesting you track down some of those gnome-sized crayons. Then you could give just two to each child who attends your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Since, you know… kids hardly ever eat anything at these functions. The food’s sloshing around on their plate like pigs in a mudbath and they can’t eat it because there are beats and now everything’s pink. So, a coloring sheet will surely keep your kids entertained while you push your own turkey pants to their limit.

Just kidding. I made this coloring sheet for myself. Because I’m the only one who colors at the restaurants. 

After I pick the stupidly-small crayons up off the nasty, nasty carpet.

Guys. This Thanksgiving coloring page is for everybody.

See if you can name all of the dishes I’ve doodled and then color it yourself, you filthy animal. ‘Cause even though adult coloring pages and books are probably so last year, there are still a few of us left who have enjoyed coloring since 1993 and will probably never stop. 

coloring_page_preview thanksgiving coloring page

I don’t know why things have to be so sassy around here all the time. What I should be saying is “Hey, I made this cute coloring page. Download it. Or not. Up to you.” 

Whatever, Happy Thanksgiving!

Download the PDF

Free Printable // Christmas Gift Tags!

FREE Christmas Gift Tag Printables

Good morning, dudes! Another free printable for you, my friend!

I secretly wish I was a gift wrapping super star. I always try my best, but things never turn out quite how I imagine. But a cute gift tag can go a really long way!  

So, I’m just dropping a quick line on this brisk Friday morning to give you these gift tags to use if your heart so desires. They’re pretty big, 3 1/4″, so they’ll make a nice statement on your gifts. Just click the link/image below and the PDF will open right up.


Click Here or the Image Below to Download!

FREE Christmas Gift Tag Printable

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re more ready than me! I actually only have one little present to wrap today and I’m having a baby next week, so we’ll see how that goes. Hehe.

Also, super important PSA. Today is my brother’s 24th birthday and he’s a super cool bro and a great dad. Love you, Jake!

happy birthday jake

Free Coloring Pages for Grown-Ups

Free Christmas Adult Coloring Pages Ugly Sweaters

free christmas sweater coloring pageLook, I am calling these “Adult Coloring Pages” or “Coloring Pages for Grown-ups” because they’re all the rage these days, but these are actually for anyone. Who am I to make something that is just for adults? I don’t think I could if I tried. And if you try to tell me you don’t enjoy coloring, I’ll call you a liar. No, I won’t. That’s rude. But are you kidding? Coloring is one of my favorite things to do with my kids because it occupies their sticky hands and I find it unbelievably relaxing and fun.

Today, while I worked on art for my brother’s mobile game I had to take a short break to do some wind-down doodling. I’ve been in a pretty good groove, because these doodle sessions usually bear pretty great fruit. I had been itching to make a coloring sheet for you and since I’m on one heck of a Christmas binge you get more Ugly Christmas Sweater paraphernalia.

So, this free coloring page PDF includes one sheet with mildly hideous sweaters designed by yours truly and then a second page with blank sweaters which I hope to see filled with your own atrocities. Hey, you could even use the second “template” page to plan out your DIY sweater you plan to wear to that fab party you just clicked “Going” to on Facebook.

If you download this, I would love love love to see what you do with it. Show me your ugly sweaters, the ones your toddler designs and that one your Gran Gran spilled her chamomile tea on. Let’s tag it #PIXELPLEATUGLYSWEATERS on instagram and wherever else you hash your tags. I’ll be coloring a few (hundred) thank you very much. So, watch for those on Instagram.

Free Ugly Sweater Coloring Pages PDF

Thanks for reading and happy coloring!


If you’d like to download bigger sweaters, click here! (They’re two to a sheet instead of four.)