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Domestic Level +10

September 7, 2015

Just had to make another post because today rocked in momtopia. I’m patting myself on the back, here. After giving a few of the rooms in the house a thorough clean, I set to slicing and coring apples. I stumbled upon a ridiculously simple recipe, if you can even call it that, for dehydrated cinnamon apples. I picked about five apples off our tree the other day and wanted to get them off my counter. Plus, dehydrated fruit is amazing, so there’s that.

After spending an hour or two outside with Pax, the kids ate lunch and were bushed. I put them down for naps and hopped in front of my sewing machine. I have been dying to do some clothes for the kids. Last week, I picked up a pair of olive colored pants from Savers intending to wear them myself, but when I got home, they just weren’t comfy enough for my pregnant body. Fortunately, my episode of kicking myself over the fact that I had been too lazy to try them on in the store only lasted a few seconds because I realized I could pick apart the seams and use them as fabric for pants for Parley. “Joggers” are super in right now and I knew I could conjure a pair for the kids myself without spending too much money. So I decided to use a tried and true pattern I bought back when I started making clothes. I took the pants apart last night while watching some videos with Pax and this morning cut out the pattern pieces for Clean Slate Pant. After simply adding elastic to the hem/cuff around the ankles, I was desperate to see how they turned out and called Parley in, who had conveniently just gotten out of bed. 😉

image duopants

I am almost giddy with how they turned out. I’ve tried these funky pattern modifications many times and they only end up how I imagine about 70% of the time. But my odds have gotten better over time. Hehe. Parley fit into the 4T just right and that it so weird. He also loves them, which made me feel really good.

After a snuggling on the couch with the kids with a movie, I was just itching to sew something else. I corralled the trolls into the office and threw together another of my favorite things to sew, a Bimaa Sweater. I have made several of these, but had always sewn up the hooded version because I wasn’t sure a boy could pull off the cowl. (I am certainly going to make a cowled one for Parley, though. It just turned out too cool.) It came together really quick because it’s all serged and like I said, I’ve done it a few times. Vi was pretty jazzed. My kids are really good sports about all of this. I just hope when they’re school age they’ll let me sew for them.


I don’t know what possessed me to choose camo, I guess I’m just trying to get through my stash. But I really like how it turned out and it just looked so cute on Vi with the bright green lining for the cowl. Receiving my new PIXELPLEAT labels has been a catalyst for me sewing again. They make me feel like a hot shot.

Oh, and for the record, the dehydrated apples were a HUGE hit with everybody. Parley and Vi were inhaling them like they were going out of style. I will certainly be making them again and again. Cinnamon and apples. That’s it. Can’t get better than that. We’re calling them “apple chips”.


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