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February Sketches: More Farm Damsels and a Pretz

February 19, 2018

“Sketch Dumps” were a pretty popular thing on deviantArt back when I was in high school. Artists I followed would post a weekly “dump” of what they had added to their sketchbooks that week. I always really loved seeing what people created in a relaxed, pressure-free setting such as a sketchbook. 

That’s pretty much all I am creating  these days aside from pixel art for Creature Valley. I love filling sketchbooks with everything from actual sketches and paintings to lists, pasted in photos of things/places/people/clothes that inspire me. I’ve rediscovered the magic of rubber stamps. My mom had the most impressive collection of stamps when I was a kid, and we always enjoyed playing with them when she would let us. 

In this season of my life, when time for art is limited to the late evening, I have pretty much evolved into a sketchbook filler and that’s fine with me. I’m never quite sure what to do with my traditional art after I’ve finished it, so having it already committed to a place in my sketchbook works out great for me. I have been doing exclusively digital art for so long, that the debacle of storing finished art wasn’t ever really a problem I had to deal with. 

So, today I am sharing a “sketch dump”.  Three little farm girls! One holding a black rabbit, which I was very pleased with, another with an arm tenderly slung over her lamb, and a somber looking, little thing with a pail of eggs. I just love her work gloves. 

And of course, we have a huge pretzel. Someday I will have to compile an image with all of my pretzel drawings/paintings. haha. How ridiculous. 

Also, a note:
I am greatly reducing my presence as an artist on social media at this time. I have stopped using my art account on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and have only responded to facebook messages to let people know that I am no longer taking commission work. I won’t be doing any Christmas cards this year as I will be focusing on my family, my personal growth as a Christian, wife, mother, artist, musician, homemaker, etc. In this season of my life, social media has done more harm than good, and since I am no longer trying to build a business, it seems more of a distraction than anything else. 

I have created so much more art since relieving myself of the pressure to post what I create.

This blog will continue to be a hub for my art whenever I feel like sharing something I’m working on, which will be pushed through automatically to my facebook page, but that will be the extent of my social media presence for now. As always, thank you for your support and interest. 

Pretzel hugs.



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