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Modern Housewifery

September 6, 2015

Don’t worry. You’re right. That’s a weird picture right there. I remember snapping this photo because my sweet, innocent Vi had climbed up into her chair all by herself to enjoy a drink. I was so captivated by her independence that I took the picture without worrying about the mess on the floor, the scribbles on the wall or a number of other things I find wrong with this image. I saw it in the photo file and felt inclined to post it, though, because the lighting, the tablecloth, the little person, even the scribbles on the wall; they all feel like home to me. This picture looked like a glimpse into my life.

It’s really late and I should be asleep. I should be laying in my comfortable bed beside my best friend enjoying weird pregnancy dreams and heartburn. But I am sitting at my computer once again past midnight. Balance obviously needs to be established, but I tend to wonder how many other moms find themselves in this very situation because the daytime is filled with diaper changes, small cups of water (or rather, cleaning up small spills of water), checking on the little adventurers in the back yard, agonizing over what to make for dinner, and anything else that comes with a busy family life. It’s so easy to justify sitting here, trying to fill my mind with new ways to be a better housewife.


Discovering the AquaDoodle is a product of me exploring Pinterest and Amazon, searching for good activities for my kids.

As I browsed the vast array of “Freezer Meals” found on Pinterest, I found myself pondering the blessings of living in this modern day and age. Quite often I become overwhelmed by the evil in the world and how out of control everything feels. I am terrified of the things my children will have to face in the future. But I would be ungrateful if I didn’t recognize all of the tremendous blessings that have come from the advances in technology, medicine and everything else being a so-called “millennial” has to offer. I have spent my entire marriage feasting on the advice, experiences, and ideas of others through blogs, articles, and social media. I wonder how long it would have taken me to appreciate my crockpot without the Internet. 😉

People sharing their knowledge online has provided me with so much learning. Just this week I ventured into food fermentation and pickling for the first time. I am eager to see (or taste) the results and hope to learn new recipes to try and better methods to use to provide my family with variety and healthy eating.


It’s funny to think about, because I know that the wealth of entertainment and the urge to attain some degree of Internet notoriety has inhibited a lot of growth, especially as a mom and homemaker over the past few years. And yet, I find myself very inspired and motivated to create a happy, clean, and spiritual home based on things I read and see others doing online. I am sure I have a very long way to go, but I’m really excited about the future. The Lord has helped me dump so much baggage and become freer. I am confident now that over time, as I strive to grow closer to Him, the “baggage” will be less and less and I will be free to serve Him more fully.

And now, I am going to go to bed, pray for help in living a more balanced life (and bedtime schedule). And maybe eventually I’ll figure out how to decorate my house, knit, organize my kitchen, plan a whole week of meals, tend a garden, keep up with the laundry, and train my kids to put toys away after playing with them. Haha. Just maybe.


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