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New Christmas Printable and a FREEBIE!

November 24, 2015

Free Christmas Nativity Printable

We’re all pretty jazzed for Thanksgiving over here. The kids are especially excited that we get to start our Thanksgiving celebrating and feasting tomorrow and then again on Thursday(Blessings of living close to both our parents.) We can’t wait to hang out with our family and stuff our faces.

Lately, both my kids have been really into crafting. Especially if it involves scissors and glue sticks. This has been a big deal for me as it’s relatively easy for me to come up with time consuming, quiet activities for us to do together. They’ve been so wound up lately with the cold weather. I just have to let them run for a bit and then we try to settle down and make something almost every day. Parley loves this stuff. Vi’s attention span is less impressive, but it’s understandable. She doesn’t quite appreciate the end goal. 

This is another one of those topics on which I have to express deep gratitude for resources like Pinterest and Etsy. Just today we made some really cute Christmas Houses which, of course, I tracked down on Pinterest. (By the way, this craft was a major hit. Not only did they love assembling the tiny neighborhood of houses, but they continued to play with them throughout the day. I am definitely going to make some of my own design and share them soon. It also got us super excited to make real gingerbread houses.)

If you know me, though, you could probably guess what goes through my mind every time I print one of these “printables”. “Man, I could totally make some of these.” And I have! But I want to make more, which brings me to the point of this post. (Haha, finally….)

I decided I’d really love to make something to help my kids become more familiar with the story of Christ’s birth. Christmas has been a topic in our house for a little while now, and why not? It’s everywhere. The stores are inundated with all that is merry and bright and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t brought up the whole Santa thing a time or two to encourage the trolls to make better choices and talk back a little less. (Whether that is actually working is neither here nor there…) A few days ago, I asked Parley if he knew why we celebrate Christmas. His answer was somewhere along the lines of “Yeah, because I love Santa and he’s gonna bring me presents.” I had already finished the first page of the paper dolls for this new Nativity Printable which included Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the Angel. So, I did what I hope other people can do and used them to teach Parley what Christmas is really about.

It worked. Yesterday, Parley looked through the Gospel Art Library while we did our Family Home Evening. He came to the pages with paintings of Jesus in the manger surrounded by his parents and immediately recognized who they were. He even remembered everyone’s names. I was really impressed with the fact that he had been paying attention and it got me excited to finish the remaining characters. Did I mention these would be totally awesome for Primary or Family Home Evening? Because they totally would. So, here it is! The complete printable.

I decided I’d like to make at least part of this available for free, so after you check out what’s included in the full version here in my shop, scroll down and grab the Matching Game portion of the activity pack for free.

And just in case you’re interested in the whole kit and caboodle, I’ve reduced the price from $3.99 to $2.99 if you download it here on my website instead of Etsy. PDF Nativity Printable Christmas

Thanks for taking the time to read this super long post. Now, download these cute matching game tiles (which are included in the full printable in my shop) and go play with your own chitlins. Definitely print these on cardstock if you have it on hand and get cuttin’.
Free Printable Nativity Activity PDF

Download the Christmas Nativity Matching Game PDF for FREE

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