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October Recap and #Drawtober!

November 5, 2018

Drawtober GIF


Man, October was crazy! I was pretty excited to try #inktober again, but stumbled upon #drawtober, so I decided to give that a shot instead. I get pretty bored using the same medium every day, so #drawtober would give me a bit more wiggle room. Plus, I liked the prompt list a lot more. I kind of struggle with how abstract the official #inktober prompt list usually is. 

Things got off to a pretty great start! I was very proud of everything I was creating. 

This challenge has helped me figure out a sort of groove for layering colors and mediums.

I made it all the way through the first week and even completed up to day 12 without being completely derailed by my social media fast. Then life just…. got hairy. So I only completed 12 days of #drawtober, but I am happy with what I accomplished! I even got to draw Ophelia, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. 

ophelia painting

The prompt was “Watery Grave”. So here is my Ophelia. Funny story about this, though. I had put off starting this one because I had a very specific idea in my mind and I was a bit intimidated by it. Well I finally got the sketch down, started painting. I was taking it slow, thoughtfully choosing every color and where to put it. I walked away for a few minutes to get my kids to bed. 

After brushing three sets of teeth, distributing sips of water, tucking tiny bodies into their beds and singing the same songs as the night before I returned to my desk. And nearly started to cry. 

I don’t know how or when it was done, but at some point in the ten to fifteen minutes it usually takes to get everyone peacefully in bed, one of the trolls snuck into the office, climbed up on to my chair and managed to DESECRATE my painting with long, textured strokes of bright red paint. This is why Ophelia now features a pink dress and swathes of fabric. I decided to laugh it off and just make do. 

I’m still pretty happy with the end result. 

Yes, That Says “Crispy Flesh Chips”

Lastly, I’ll share the drawing for the prompt “Ghoul Drool”. I had a hard time with this one, but eventually settled on drawing things a Ghoul might eat rather than an actual Ghoul. I loved how the painting on this ended up. Plus, gross, weird stuff if just kinda my jam.

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