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Oh, Hey. It’s called Obsessalitis.

April 2, 2016

I am ailed by Obsessalitis. Never heard of it? It’s hereditary. I bet you know somebody who has it. The person afflicted with Obsessalitis is an idea-haver; a creative mind. A fresh concept is conceived in their busy mind, perhaps inspired by something they see on the tube, hear about on the train, or surf upon it on the Internets, something so Pinteresting that they obsess over it for days, weeks, even months. The idea becomes a way of life.

If I do this “thing”, make that “thing”, something with the “thing”, it will change my life. People will love me. People will want to buy the “thing”. They’ll throw money at the “thing”. I will bathe in the coolness of my “thing”. It is the only thing I will ever need. 

You can imagine that constant access to social media and the Internet in general only makes the condition worsen.

“Mom, come play with me.”
“Hang on. I just thought about urban farming for the tenth time today and now I MUST look at something on my phone really quick.” 

It’s not really quick. It spirals out of control quicker than you can say “Hilarious Goat Birthing Stories”. 

And then the “thing” fizzles out and the afflicted moves on to some other “thing”.

So, now I’m trying to only do the “thing” on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And weekends. 

You know. All things in moderation or something. 

Or maybe this is just a symptom of my Obsessalitis and the “thing” is being a better mom/wife.

(And homesteading, blogging, sewing, sculpting, goats, lagenlook, mori girl fashion, household management binders, and another helping of goats.)

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