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Vi’s Second Birthday – Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2015


I can’t believe my baby girl is two years old today. I feel like I’ve been mentally preparing for this birthday for the past several months. The fact that it fell on Thanksgiving was both super cool and weird at the same time. We were all psyched to be able to celebrate her birthday with all of our family and eat delicious food, but I did a real bang up job of preparing. There were no balloons, hardly any gifts (from us, mommy and daddy), none of her cute baby photos hung on the wall like I did last month for Parley, and I am not even going to get into it about the disgrace I tried to pass as a cake this evening.

There’s something magical, though about birthdays for small children. Vi didn’t notice for a second that I kind of dropped the ball this year. She certainly didn’t mind that I completely failed in the cake department. (I’m just going to keep hinting at that disaster and not actually tell you how bad it was… If Pax sees this, he will roll his eyes. Ha.) It didn’t even matter either. Her sweet uncle Jake made her a birthday cake with the cutest pink frosting. She completely destroyed it all on her own with a “tiny poon” which was actually a fork. All she really needed was to be around her family, go on a special little date to Dollar Tree with daddy and eat (more than) a few pickles. All the exciting new gifts didn’t hurt either and seriously, is there anybody better at receiving gifts in the world than toddlers? When Vi unwrapped a gift from Gigi and Grandpa to discover a large cardboard box, she didn’t hesitate to hop on top of it and make the most of the mysterious gift. It didn’t matter what was inside. Now she had something to stand on. Haha.

The trip to DT was heaven sent, though. I gave Pax a bit of a hard time since I don’t condone shopping on big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but he did a little fun run to Dollar Tree with Parley on his birthday and it was a hit. So, off they went. It was super good. Parley and I cooked or prepared to cook all of our holiday fixins’ for the day. And I got jalapeño juice/seeds/whatever on my face which I only mention by the way, because, don’t do that.

When the birthday shoppers returned, Vi had a blue plastic bucket full of goodies she had picked out for herself. We all gathered around the rug to see what she had, which was hilarious. She made the biggest mess which can be appreciated in almost all of its glory in the photo below.


That gigantic cigar-looking pretzel “rod” in her hand was kind of a big deal. Apparently that was one of the things she absolutely insisted she have. She made us all sample the nasty things and was content to eat the rest by herself. I love her so much. She is one of my greatest blessings. Here’s to whatever this coming year holds for Miss Vi. Potty training, expanding vocabulary, Frozen (I’m ready to move on from this…) and the terrible two’s. I can’t wait to see.

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